Centurion ironman master

centurion ironman master

Revival of My Ironman Master. Centurion Ironman Master. I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC. Loading. CENTURION DAVE SCOTT IRONMAN MASTER ROAD BIKE SHIMANO ULTEGRA ARAYA 50CM | Sporting Goods, Cycling, Bicycles | eBay!. The Master designation was added in and carried on through the final year of the ironmans in This differentiated it from the new Ironman Expert that  MSRP ‎: ‎$ (). Generally speaking, relative quality among the various models was first determined by the quality of the tubeset and then, within variations of a model, by the relative quality of the groupsets from which one could choose. I am riding down an old street, and they had put pavement over top old streetcar tracks. He agreed the bike looked brand new, and he offered me a choice of Look pedals or toe-clips. Probably good you passed on this one, especially if it didn't fit. Classic mittwoch wednesday Vintage Bicycles: Mid- to high-end model featuring a Tange 1 frame. The format varies somewhat and I have a limited number of samples, but in all cases the first number appears to represent the year of manufacture. The time now is Personally these Ironmans never did anything for me. Anyone know where I might find a chart of the Dave Scott frame sizes that I could measure this bike against? Here's what Tom has to say on the subject:. Back to home page Return to top. Hence the reason for thinking about insurance. It would evolve into the Ironman for These durable finishes, along with the high-quality Japanese frames and components of the late s and s, have made Centurions among the favorites of vintage steel-framed bike seekers today. I might get ambitious one day and reupholster it, still missing the feel of it even though I think it was pretty cheap to begin with. But price comparisons alone are not a perfect measure of quality for bikes from this period because as the Japanese Yen skyrocketed against the US dollar during the late s, US-dollar prices of Japan-made bikes consequently soared across the board. centurion ironman master I had bought a Centurion Ironman Master - Dave Scott in Appraisals and Inquiries Use this subforum for all requests as to "How much is this vintage bike worth? I might get ambitious one day and reupholster it, still missing the feel of it even though I think it was pretty cheap to begin with. Lower, mid-range, triathlon model. I am planning on three triathlons on it this summer about 4 in and the Penticton Ironman in I will be 63 then. Classic and Vintage Bicycles:


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